Review Series: 'Into the Night' Season 2 Season 2
Review Series: 'Into the Night' Season 2 Season 2

Review Series: ‘Into the Night’ Season 2 Season 2


Full of Competition in a Bunker

Netflix has re-released the apocalyptic thriller drama series ‘Into the Night’ Season 2, which debuted last year, and received a positive response from the audience.



This series at first makes us a little wondering what the narrative will be like. However, the plot cleverly narrates a plane hijacking thriller, which, in simple terms, evolves into a much broader dystopian science fiction-style premise.


‘Into the Night’ in its second season, brings back all the original cast members from the first season. In its second season, the series is divided into six episodes, each about 35 minutes long.


As a reminder of the first ‘Into the Night’ season, the plot introduces a group of people from different countries who don’t know each other and discover that solar radiation has become deadly.


Their only way to survive is to fly away from the rising sun. The story then continues when a small group of survivors finds refuge in a military bunker andthe story in season 1.


endsSeason 2 begins when Slyvie and his fellow passengers finally manage to reach the safe bunker under a dam in Bulgaria. However, Slyvie and the others weren’t the first group to find the bunker.


Inside they met soldiers and politicians from NATO. Now they inevitably have to coexist in order to survive.


into the night

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By being in a tight space like an airplane and escaping the sun, the predecessor series has done something quite amazing, in portraying the horror and helplessness of the passengers through intense awake tension and good acting, while the first season was successful. for seeing a group of disparate people brought together to face a desperate situation.


Now in this second season, the sun is no longer the only problem. The second season comes with the difficulties that come with living in a small space together.


The tension was already evident from the beginning of this episode, the survivors who had previously inhabited the bunker were not all immediately enthusiastic about the arrival of the new residents.


This of course has to do with the food rationing and the space that must be shared, making both of these things less and less with the new residents, the tension that exists even more when the food supply decreases rapidly plus the differences in principle between soldiers and civilians become increasingly sharp.


into the night 2

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Unlike the first season, which featured an intensely suspense thriller, it seems that in this second season the plot shifts into a survival drama that explores how people adapt and evolve emotionally in this bleak new world. .


Just like before, each episode is named after the main character and flashbacks to their lives before the ‘apocalypse’ they currently face.


This is quite helpful in understanding the plot that has occurred so far so that the understanding of the story and also the background of each character can be understood at the same time.


And the new characters in season two also manage to add to the dynamics between groups forced to live under one roof.


Although in its second season the intense tension is maintained and unpredictable, in this second season the series has lost its touch a bit. Maybe because the ’emotional connection’ aspect between the characters and the audience is mostly lost in this season.


In past seasons, this relationship with the characters was either before the disaster occurred or after the way we slowly but surely got to know them.




Creator: Jason George


Cast: Pauline Etienne (Sylvie), Laurent Capelluto (Mathieu), Mehmet Kurtulus (Ayaz), Babetida Sadjo (Laura), Jan Bijvaoet (Rik), Ksawery Szlenkier (Jakub), Regina Bikkinina (Zara), Alba Gaia Bellugi (Ines), Nabil Mallat (Osman), Nicolas Alecine (Dominik)


Duration: total 205 minutes (6 episodes)


Score: 6.1/10

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