Film Review: 'Midnight'
Film Review: 'Midnight'

Film Review: ‘Midnight’


You can’t hear my voice and the warning light is off. What’re you going to do?” – Do-shik

The world of cinema from the Ginseng Country, South Korea, is back with the latest thriller which was released on June 30, 2021 with the title ‘Midnight’ (미드나이트). Under the direction of director and writer Kwon Oh-seung, the film ‘Midnight’ successfully presents intense tension in a serial murder case that stimulates the audience’s adrenaline.

Starring a line of famous Korean actors and actresses, such as Wi Ha-joon, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Hye-yoon, Gil Hae-yeon, and Park Hoon, this film tells the story of a deaf girl named Kyung-mi (Jin Ki-joo). ) who is in a game of hide and seek, risking life and death on the psychopathic serial killer who is always on the move in the middle of the night, Do-shik (Wi Ha-joon).

The story begins when Kyung-mi, a deaf girl who works as a customer service employee in the sign language division, is on her way home after attending a dinner with her client. After picking up her deaf mother from work, Kyung-mi heads off to find a place to park her car in a public parking building, leaving her (Gil Hae-yeon) alone in a dimly lit lane.

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from a black camouflaged car in the dark, the cold-blooded psychopath, Do-shik, watches Kyung-mi’s mother from a distance and intends to kill her. But just as Do-shik is about to launch his action, he runs into a beautiful young girl who is on her way home after a blind date, Eun So-jung (Kim Hye-yoon).

After pondering for a while, Do-shik changes his target of killing to So-jung and stabs the poor girl in a dark narrow alley. But who would have guessed that it turns out, Kyung-mi accidentally witnessed the fateful incident.

Do-shik, realizing that he has been caught, then turns to go after Kyung-mi to kill and silence the only eyewitness who knows of his heinous activity. Kyung-mi, who is desperate, has to get involved in this deadly chase and thinks of all the ways to escape Do-shik, the cold-hearted ruthless killer.

This film offers a real frustration where the main character is a deaf person. He must face a serial killer who is athletic, cunning, and clever in acting. The tension is felt when the audience is shown the scene where Do-shik is ready to kill Kyung-mi, but the girl can’t realize it because of her hearing impairment.

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In addition, as experienced by most deaf people, Kyung-mi and her mother have a speech. The conditions in which ordinary people who have never used sign language have difficulty communicating with Kyung-mi and her mother, of course, will make anyone who watches it feel exasperated and can only bite their fingers.

Music with a fast tempo, increasing, then suddenly disappearing builds the mood and atmosphere of the tension of this film, especially during the chase scene between Kyung-mi and Do-shik. However, there are times when scenes don’t use music at all, like when Kyung-mi is hiding.

Uniquely, the absence of music does not make the scene empty. In fact, this is an added value because it makes the audience also hold their breath, as if they are hiding from Do-shik’s pursuit.

shooting technique used in most of the scenes in this film is the handheld camera technique. With the result that the image wobbles and moves dynamically following the highlighted object, this technique has the advantage of depicting the situation more realistically.

This technique is clearly useful for describing and channeling the panic experienced by the characters of the film ‘Midnight’ to the audience. In addition, the camera often takes close-up shots to capture the faces and reactions of the players more clearly.

Meanwhile, in terms of acting, the actor who plays the character of Do-shik, Wi Ha-joon, deserves thumbs up for his expertise in playing the psychopathic character who is smart and good at acting. The actor who is famous for his role in the Korean horror film titled ‘Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum’ (2018) successfully plays the emotions of the audience with his cleverness in transforming like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

chemistry contained in the mother-daughter duo Gil Hae-yeon and Jin Ki-joo, as well as brothers Park Hoon and Kim Hye-yoon also caught the audience’s attention. In this film, it appears that the actors already have a strong connection with each other.

For example, the mother who insists on looking for her child even though she knows what kind of danger she will face, the child who always worries about his mother’s safety even though he himself is also under pressure, and the older brother who looks panicked, even almost desperate in finding his sister So-jung. missing.

However, there are times when Kyung-mi’s character looks too naive in dealing with the problems presented so that it becomes the weak side of this film. Often times Kyung-mi’s character ignores the anxiety and bad feeling her mother felt when she first met Do-shik.

He repeatedly reassures his mother that it’s just his feelings and thinks Do-shik is just not used to seeing them talk in sign language.

In addition, the police in charge of handling and investigating this case seemed rash in their actions. It seems, there is almost no significant change with the presence of the role of the police into the story.

The police are too negligent in carrying out their duties, from ignoring Kyung-mi’s anxieties to driving Kyung-mi and her mother home unattended despite knowing that they are the only eyewitnesses who know about the case. Polisi seperti tidak memikirkan kemungkinan bahwa bisa saja ibu dan anak tersebut menjadi target pembunuhan selanjutnya.

Secara umum, film ‘Midnight’ masih mengasyikkan untuk ditonton. Bagi para penggemar film yang ingin diajak untuk larut dalam ketegangan tak berujung dari aksi kejar-kejaran Do-shik dan Kyung-mi, film ini bisa menjadi pilihan untuk mengisi waktu luang Anda.


Director: Kwon Oh-seung

Cast: Wi Ha-joon, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Hye-yoon, Gil Hae-yeon, Park Hoon

Duration: 103 minutes

Score: 6.5/10

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