Film Review: 'Kau and Dia'
Film Review: 'Kau and Dia'

Film Review: ‘Kau and Dia’


Never talk about love if you’ve never experienced a fall and don’t be willing to fall because of someone, remember! Mama took great pains to teach us how to stand.” – Naldo.

On September 14, 2021, MAXstream exclusively released a new teen movie entitled ‘You and Dia’, an original drama about the ups and downs of friendship between two teenage girls.

‘You and Dia’ is directed by Ivan Bandhito and stars Indonesian teen idols, Anneth Delliecia, Zara Leola, Ari Irham, and Bima Azriel.

This story centers on Anneth and Zara who both play characters with their own names. The two have been friends for almost 9 years. Their friendship began when they were still in elementary school.

They grew up together to become two beautiful and charming young women. Their opposing attitudes made this friendly relationship even closer.

Anneth is described as having a feminine and spoiled attitude. This attitude arose because Anneth was cared for from childhood by her mother alone. Meanwhile, Zara is very tomboyish and indifferent because she was raised alone by her father who is a musician.

Anneth’s mother is played by Wulan Guritno, while Zara’s father is played by Enda “Ungu”. The way of parenting and upbringing for the two is clearly different, but they can complement each other.

Growing up, they attended the same high school. During the 9 years of being friends, things like that have usually happened because indeed they are two friends who can’t be separated.

Until one day, a young boy came. He is Naldo, played by Ari Irham. Naldo is a transfer student from Bandung. He is friendly, energetic, handsome, and considerate.

Naldo first met Zara on a basketball court. Finally, play together. Since the meeting, Zara tells this to Anneth and Anneth who knows it is very happy. Because, Zara is a closed person especially about her feelings.

At first, Naldo’s existence was not shown enough, it’s just that since Naldo met Anneth at a moment of introduction, everything began to change.

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