Clash of Clans Game for ANDROID iOS WP

Clash of Clans Game for ANDROID iOS WP

“Why is it referred to as Clash of Clans once the clans don’t clash?”
An smart question, thought the sport team as they pondered what would become Clash’s most vital update. Players were wanting to wage war since the sport was in its infancy. The team likely that they'd someday unleash kin group Wars, however not before months of coming up with, quite an few hours of lost sleep and, afterward, several liters of caffein.
So why wasn’t kin group Wars a part of the first concept? the solution is maybe less advanced than one would possibly imagine: the team merely didn’t skills they wished it to figure. it had been a matter of temporal arrangement very. Clash was terribly young then, requiring associate aging method to grow roots within the community. Gauging player expectation associated interest is an utmost priority, and ignoring that by method of lazy implementation would betray the team’s values. “We knew we tend to wished to try and do one thing very crazy and take it to following level”, says senior game developer Andreas. “Really crazy” isn’t drained a day anyway. This was progressing to take time.
As senior server engineer Jonas puts it: “We might have done one thing very fast and very straightforward months earlier, however we tend to didn’t need the players to mention ‘Ok, we’re bored, what’s next?’ once every week.” Foresight took precedence. Real time strategy games, already a trademark of mobile gambling, wanted to make the most player need for kin group Wars, with different corporations making their own tricksy takes on the construct. but undiscouraged, the Clash team selected to maneuver slowly, ensuring each they and also the community were prepared before dropping such a game-changing feature.
What followed carried the team from Gregorian calendar month 2013, all the thanks to April 2014. it had been 5 straight months of rigorous development.
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Clash of Clans Game for ANDROID iOS WP


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